A note about scheduling:

As there are no two humans alike, so are there no two holistic practitioners alike.  You may find I work differently than others in my scheduling practices.  Because I offer so many different services and these services require the application of different energies from me, I break my days accordingly.  I do a certain number of readings, a certain number of hypnosis sessions and a certain number of energy or spirit healings over the course of the day and have a specific time of the day or week in which I perform treatments and deposesions.  Should I find myself with unbooked time designated for a particular service, I do NOT fill it with another service but instead work on a writing or teaching project or spend time communing with Spirit. Because of this, you may be able to see me earlier for a reading than you can a hypnosis session or a healing and visa versa and you might have to wait for a reading or one of my other services even though you are aware that I am without a client at that hour.  This method of scheduling allows me to be at my best for all services offered and assures I give you the most value for your fee paid. 
     Because I enjoy freedom to be spontaneous, I also do not like to book out far in advance.  I ask that you call for your private appointment within ten days of the time you desire it and I'll do my best to accomodate you within the 60 hours of the week that I offer my services.   Radio appearances, parties and dinner shows can be booked further out.
The following recordings are from Lena's on-air guest appearances at Wild 104.1 fm with  DJ Louie G.

To hear her or ask her a question live, listen to Magic 101.7 fm @ 5pm on alternate Wednesdays with Lisa Cruz!
Listen 1- Heather
Listen 2 - Corina
Listen 3 - Renee
Listen 4 - Cindy
Listen 5 - Lina
Listen 6 - Michelle
Listen 7 - Shannon
Listen 8 - Lisa

Listen 9 - Denise

Listen 10 - Heather

Listen 11 - Heather

Listen 12 - Jennifer

Listen 13 - Maryanna

Listen 14 - Kim

Listen 15 - Charlene

Listen 16 - Amy

Listen 17 - Meagan

Listen 18 - Tia

Listen 19 - Jerry

Listen 20 & 21 - Liz (20) Jackie (21)

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