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A few Credentials
This photo was taken April 2005 in the wine cellar of the governor's house in Colonial Williamsburg, Va.  The only lighting for this space was from the single window.  I was actually taking a photo of the wine barrels - which were all I could see at the time- but I captured just a little bit more than I expected!  
I recently performed a house clearing .  While there, I mentioned that I felt there was a portal on the far corner of their lawn by the pool and closed it.  They dug into old photos from last year and pulled this one out. If you look between the chair and the run you can see a face.  This is incredible validation of what I was saying.  I've enlarged the area for those who have problems seeing on their screen as is.     

                                                                                Click here for a circling of the face.
A woman took a photo of her grandmother, in '97, but a figure that looks like her grandfather can be seen in the background. He died in 1984 
The figure leaning in the background was not seen by anyone sitting on the floor at this Toys R Us and wasn't captured on any security cameras
This photo was supposed to be of an empty chair, but the blurred face of the owner of the home can be seen if you look closely.
Photographer Neil Sandbach was taking photos of this English farmhouse when he spotted this figure in the background. The owners say they see the same figure a few times a month.   SOURCE:
This looks photoshopped to me but since I'm no expert and could be wrong I'm posting it.
This image was shared with me on facebook
This image was shared with me on facebook
This image was shared with me on facebook -

There is the spirit of a girl to the right of the third door on the right in this photo