Over the years, people have come to me with horror stories about their experiences when getting Psychic readings, Mediumship messages or Holistic healings. These guidelines are intended to help you avoid such negative experiences and to connect with the reader,medium or healing facilitator who is right for you.

1] When searching for a reader, message medium or healing facilitator, take the time shop around and get a feel for the one you intend to use. You want your vibration to be combatable with that of the reader or medium.

2] Avoid using psychic lines that randomly expose you to a variety of readers.

3] Check the credentials of your practitioner. Whether this person is a psychic, message medium, animal communicator or holistic healing facilitator, credentials should be made available. There are charlatans in all industries and the holistic world of metaphysics is no different. Just because someone proclaims to be a good psychic, medium, animal communicator or healing facilitator, doesn't mean that he or she has the training and expertise you are looking for. Beware of readers and healers who say they're x generation in a family of readers/healers and have been able to see/heal since birth but can't produce formal credentials other than a few testimonies from friends and familyh. Check his or her educational background as well as the client referrals. Has this person written a book? Been on radio? (a great resource for testing accuracy if they are doing live readings) Does this person offer
notarized testimonies?

4] If the reader, medium, animal communicator or healing facilitator brags about being the best, question why. He or she may very well be simply sporting an oversized ego, but more often than not, there is a need to overcast the flaws in his or her abilities with a convincing sales pitch. *Note: Relaying the facts of one's accomplishments is NOT the same as stating "I am the best".

5] Get quiet and "feel" the connection. If you are hesitant at all about the information you may receive from the psychic, medium, animal communicator or healer - walk away! Listen to your inner voice on that one and save yourself some anguish and money.

6] Don't overdose on readers, mediums, animal communicators or healing facilitators. Going to a large variety of practitioners is not only financially wasteful, but potentially harmful. When you allow someone to "tune in" to the various energy fields of your body, you are giving away a piece of yourself and making yourself temporarily vulnerable. Select one or two practitioners (psychic, message medium, animal communicator or healing facilitator) who you feel comfortable with, and stick with them.

7] You get what you pay for. If a practitioner (psychic, message medium, animal communicator, healing facilitator) has a low fee it is probably for one of two reasons.

1. He or she is not adept in his or her field.
2. He or she is living in fear of asking for a monetary exchange that expresses the true value of his or her service.

Whichever the case, do you really want someone who is not adept or someone who is bein ruled by fear offering you guidance on major life decisions or entering your personal energy field?

Copyright 1999 Sheehan
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