Spiritual cleansing for your home is the removal of adverse energies suspected to negatively affect health and cause negative emotional effects on human beings and their pets.   This type of cleansing is almost always done by a skilled practitioner and often relies heavily on their energy directing skills and/or meditative skills.   Lena comes to your home to perform this cleansing.  IT IS NOT DONE BY REMOTE. She requires entrance to each room that is open for use in your living structure. The length of time she is there is dependent upon the size of the home but the average is one hour.  The residents are asked to step outside of the dwelling while she is performing the cleansings so their energies do not interfere and the cleansing has optimal results.  [In the event this is not possible, she will find a way to work around it]  Materials used for the cleansing vary.  The client must inform Lena at the time of scheduling the session if anyone living within the household is allergic to incense, sage, etc.  Although she prefers to work with these tools, it can be done without them.

The fee for a Spirutal House Cleansing within a 30 mile radius of her office in Johnson City, NY  is   $300.00

All cleansings are done by remote and do not require a visit from Lena.

PLEASE NOTE:  The rate for house cleansing is for the interior of the home ONLY.  Should you require the exterior of your property cleared it is NOT included in the house fee.  The fee for property clearing and portal closing is $500.00.

A Spiritual House or property Cleansing is not the same as a home Spirit Releasement.  If you believe you have a Spirit in your home and would like it removed, please click here.

Please consider your service order carefully.  Once the service is provided by Lena there are no refunds or payment plans.
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Houses are made of and filled with materials that can absorb the energies emitted by humans, animals and spirits by way of arguements, sadness, illness, drugs, alcohol, death, etc.  Because of this, it is recommended that you periodically have your home and its furnishings cleansed and balanced.
Click here to see a photo of a portal taken prior to my clearing the house and property.
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