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A few Credentials
Conscious Development web classes will follow the following schedule:

Date                    Time

May 11                7:30-9pm
May 25                7:30-9om

June 8                  7:30- 9pm
June 22                7:30-9pm

July 13                 7:30-9pm
July 27                 7:30-9pm

August 10           7:30-9pm
August 24           7:30-9pm

September 7       7:30-9pm
September 21     7:30-9pm

October 5            7:30-9pm
October 19          7:30-9pm

November 9        7:30-9pm
November 23      7:30-9pm

December 7        7:30-9pm
December 21      7:30-9pm