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Ur-La-Ra walked planet earth during his last incarnation in human form as a supporter and friend of the great master teacher, Jesus. His earthly identity was Tau’ma.

Originally from the planet Orian (not to be confused with Orion) which is located in an upper level universe that can be accessed through a portal in the Syrian star system, he was sent to planet earth, during the time of the pioneering of Lemuria, with other beings from his light vibration. It is during this time that Ur-La-Ra’s soul bonded spiritually with Amilita, the soul who now houses within the body of Lena Sheehan.  He has since levitated his vibration and position to be part of the 6th density and holds a seat on the Council of Twelve who are dedicated to assisting our planet and all life inhabiting it in its positive progression and advancement through various methods.

Ur-La-Ra experienced multiple incarnations, before reaching his current level of counsciousness, while he assisted with the development of the consciousness of the planet and its occupants. He acted as a scientist, a physician, a philosopher and a king.  There has been much speculation and controversy over his origin and name.  Although I'm not completely certain and have not been able to recieve an answer from him since he feels its an insignificant factor in retrospect to his current mission, he could very well be associated with the Ra collective, (and I believe he was since much of what he's taught me can be found in the RA Materials).  From what I understand, he connected with me about the same time the collective of "RA" connected with their channel.  His name has been explained to me as such:  Ur= original    La = 6th    Ra = One Who Leads. 

When that great land met its demise, Ur-La-Ra was called back to his spiritual origins, where he remained until 2,000 BC; at which time he was called to return to earth and join the Egyptian society during a time of great turmoil. He assisted in bringing some semblence of peace and order to the land of Egypt and presided over it for several terms before being called for an emergency gathering to discuss the discord that had escalated between cosmic dark ones and the initial soul inhabitants of earth that could lead to potential destruction of planet earth. It was during this time that he was initiated into the Council of Twelve.

The Council of Twelve is a vibratory (dimensional) council of entites who work with other illuminated beings, from other councils and groups from various dimensions to help maintain order, structure, and progression within the universes, galaxies, and planets of the multiuniverses.

Ur- La-Ra ceased incarnating on earth after he walked the sands with earth's Great Master Jesus. He now sits on the Council of Twelve along with other
enlightened and illuminated beings from various galactical origins. The Council works in cooperation with other great organizations to assist ALL in realizing Oneness.   Although ready and willing to return to earth in human form if needed, Ur-La-Ra - for the present - aides, guides, and instructs members of the human race through his beloved Amalita [A.K.A. Lena Sheehan].

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