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A few Credentials
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Interest in magnets as a source of healing dates back many centuries. A 16th century physician, Paracelsus, thought that because magnets attract iron they might attract and eliminate diseases from the body. In the Middle Ages, doctors used magnets to treat gout, arthritis, poisoning, and baldness.  The resurgence of magnet therapy began in the 1970s, when researcher Albert Roy Davis, PhD, noticed that positive and negative magnetic charges had different effects on human biological systems. He claimed that magnets could kill cancer cells in animals and could also cure arthritis pain, glaucoma, infertility, and other conditions. Magnetic therapy has become a large industry in the United States and Europe and has been used widely in Japan and China for many years.

A magnet therapist understands the specific points and meridians in the body of humans and animals that will allow the application of magnets to be most effective.  It is not uncommon for people to replace accupuncture with magnet therapy when they find the right therapist!

Magnet therapy can be used alone or in conjunction with Chromo Therapy.  A typical session lasts 30-45 minutes.

Fee $25.00/ per single session or $15 when used in conjunction with Chromo Therapy