Lena Sheehan has many clients who rely on her advice on a regular basis; sometimes weekly or even daily.

If you feel that you have a need that would require you consulting with Lena Sheehan on a frequent basis, the Rewards Program might be right for you. With this program, you are allowed to pay for a group of any session Lena offers in advance and be rewarded with a 15% discount on her fees.
(terms and conditons apply)

Here's how it works.

1] You decide how often you will want to have a session with Lena and for how long [within her timelines].

2] Send Lena a check or money order, pay with PayPal or call Lena to pay with a credit card over the telephone no later than the 30th of the month prior to the month you plan on using any of her services. The minimum payment is $500.00 with a minimum commitment of 3 (three) months and one month's (min. 30 days) notice (with payment for that month) in the event you wish to stop the program. (Payment signifies your agreement to the terms of this commitment.)

3] Schedule your sessions with Lena as needed during that month. Lena will deduct the fee for that session, [less your rewards discount] from your balance after each session; afterwhich you will receive a notice via email (optional).

Special notice: Please monitor your usage! In the event that you exceed the amount of your rewards program payment in any given month, you will be billed at normal rates.

IMPORTANT: There is no "roll over" of unused money from your rewards fund and no refunds. If you do NOT feel you will use at least $500.00 worth of discounted services within the designated calendar month, this is NOT the program for you.  Remember: Should you wish to cease the program, there is a 30 day min. notice required with payment for those 30 (thirty) days.  Although you are free to pay your final month with the payment method of your choice, Lena reserves the option of requesting a credit card to be placed on file for billing in the even you default on your obligation for payment on usage overage or final month.
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