HOST A PARTY!  It's a whole lotta fun!

If you've never hosted a party, with Lena as your entertainment, you're missing out!

Parties are always a good time, when Lena is asked to entertain they just get better. Laughter and excitement abound as your guests share the results of their private mini- spiritual consultations or discuss the tidbits that came from Lena when she addresses the party as a whole and selects people to give information to. However you decide to structure it, it's sure to be a blast.

Whether its a Private Party, Corporate Party or Fundraiser (Lena has even entertained at campaign events!), the fee structure revolves around her time... not per reading.

Over the years, Lena has tried a variety of ways and terms for parties and has discovered that the following party terms and conditions work best for all.

Private Parties consist of fifteen persons or less.  The host can opt to have Lena address the party as a whole, going from one person to another within the group or provide a private area where each guest will have a select amount of time in which to ask a private question.* [*This is Lena's preference.]   If the host wishes Lena to address the party as a group the party lasts 60 minutes. If the host wishes Lena to perform private mini readings the party lasts a full 90 minutes.  The current fee for a house party is $525.00/hr.

Public Appearances
are split into two performance slots and lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. The length of show is determined by the size of the audience and the flow of the information coming forth.  During the first slot, Lena will introduce herself and warm the audience up by randomly selecting individuals and doing a general reading on them (in the event that the audience is small enough, she will do her best to address everyone.) During the second part of the performance, she will take specific questions from random members of the audience either by written questions pulled from a bowl or the raising of the hand in the audience. These questions may range from anything related to psychic phenomena to lost items. (Once again, if the audience is small enough, she will do her best to provide each member with an opportunity to have a question asked) The current fee for a public performance is $600.00/hr.

Travel compensation, beyond 60 miles from Lena's point of departure, will be calculated at a rate of $1.00 per mile.

A $100.00 holding fee is due at the time of reserving the date for your private party with the balance in full to be paid upon Lena's arrival and prior to the start of the party.  If the party is canceled with less than a 7 days notice, this fee is Non-Refundable.   

Payment for Public Appearnces is due, in full, no later than 7 (Seven) days prior to the event.

Please Note: Payment to Lena is the responsibility of the ORGANIZER or HOST. If the ORGANIZER or HOST  is splitting the cost of Lena's appearance fee with the guests, it is the ORGANIZER or HOST'S responsibility to collect the funds from the guests in whatever increments is agreed upon between the host and the guests. If the host chooses to charge more or less than what would equal Lena's appearance fee, it is perfectly within the host's right to do so.  Lena is the party's entertainment (such as a live band would be). Collecting guest contributions toward her appearance fee is NOT something that Lena is involved with.     Payment is expected to be presented to Lena IN FULL prior to the onset of the party.

Please note: It is the responsibility of the Host or Organizer to divide the time and arrange the schedule for the party guests. Since Lena is being paid for her hourly time (which begins the moment she greets the guests) and not per reading, it is advisable for the host to make sure your guests are seated for their mini-consultation in a timely manner. This keeps each person on schedule so that the next person's time isn't cut into and assures everyone gets a chance to sit with her. In the event that the Host or Organizer has mis-calculated the time for each guest and the party or event runs past the time that has been booked and paid for, it is the Host or Organizer's responsibility to compensate Lena at a rate of 1/4 the hourly rate for every 15 minute time slot (not by the minute)

NOTE: Lena offers Tarot reading at private parties (ONLY) The theme (tarot or mediumship) must be determined at the time of booking.

If you would like to hire Lena for a Corporate Event, please call: 607-765-4232 to discuss her various methods of presenting to your attendees.
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