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A few Credentials
With the wonderful advantages in connecting with the world the internet provides, and the miracle of Spirit's ability to be at all places at once... it makes total sense to utilize the www to connect students for spiritual development classes.  Starting January 19, 2017, Lena will be holding internet Conscious Development classes via the www from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm; afterwhich we will meet twice a month on Thursdays.  Tuition for these classes is $33.00, payable on or before the 15th of each month via PayPal, Credit Card or Check by mail.  If you would like to join our group, the doors will be left open until February 23, 2017.  Afterwhich, your name will be placed on a list for future classes. 

Below is an example of what we will be covering during the year 2017

* Re-acquaint ourselves with the concept and reason behind spirit guides, meditation, manifestation
* Between Life and Death
* The soul and other lives and dimensions
* The Soul continued
* The Soul continued
* Meditation and intentions for spring equinox, energy influences of spring equinox
* Self-hypnosis, dreams, and astral travel
* Jesus
* Major Religions, their cannons, and the influences behind the scenes
* Angels, Spirits, a Kryst, E.T.s, I.T.’s
* The origins of man and animals on earth
* The Government and E.T.
* Most prominent E.T. interacting with planet earth
* Meditation and intentions for summer solstice, energy influences of summer solstice
* Planet earth, moon, and the galaxy
* Planet earth and the galaxy continued
* Black holes and portals
* The benefits and perils of interacting with the Paladeans, Syrians, and more
* Group regression
* Automatic writing
* Messages through Spiritual drawing
* Ghosts and others on the lower astral
* Meditation to go to the spiritual library
* Meditation to go to the healing temple
* Channeling healing energy
* A brief review of year’s studies
* Finals followed by Christmas Party
* Time travel, global travel, and intergalactic travel

Conscious Development web classes will follow the following schedule:

Date                    Time

May 11                7:30-9pm
May 25                7:30-9om

June 8                  7:30- 9pm
June 22                7:30-9pm

July 13                 7:30-9pm
July 27                 7:30-9pm

August 10           7:30-9pm
August 24           7:30-9pm

September 7       7:30-9pm
September 21     7:30-9pm

October 5            7:30-9pm
October 19          7:30-9pm

November 9        7:30-9pm
November 23      7:30-9pm

December 7        7:30-9pm
December 21      7:30-9pm

If you wish to pay your monthly tuition for class with a credit card or check by mail, contact Lena