Basic Hypnosis
Whether you are a beginning student seeking hypnosis as a profession or the newly inquisitive who is looking for ways to help yourself, this informative and easy to understand book is for you!

Inside these pages you will learn the basics about hypnosis; from its history, to how to perform a standard hypnosis session.
Actual scripts are provided, along with suggestions on how to create scripts that are designed for your specific and individual needs.
Whether you prefer conscious hypnosis or a traditional hypnosis induction, this book provides you with the tools to help you change the thoughts and the life of yourself and others.

“We are what we think.” Buddha

Change your thoughts... Change your life!

Natural Solutions for Stress of Body, Mind & Spirit
A comprehensive guide to stress management of body, mind & spirit, Natural Solutions for Stress of Body, Mind & Spirit combines traditional medical information with holistic, spiritual and metaphysical.

Inside this book is valuable information to help you learn to balance all aspects of your life. Now you can create a stress-less environment and lifestyle by understanding the effects stress can have on your body and what foods, herbs, crystals and colors may help to alleviate it. This knowledge, combined with the basic meditation and spiritual affirmations that are provided to act as guidelines, makes Natural Solutions for Stress of Body, Mind and Spirit a valuable tool for developing self-awareness, self-maintenance and inner peace. It’s a must have for every household!

This book is a "must have" for every household and business!

Seeing it My Way... Stories of a Psychic
Rev. Lena Sheehan writes about her years as a gifted child and select cases she has worked on.

5 Star Review for "Seeing it My Way... Stories of a Psychic" taken from Congratulations Lena
on a highly enjoyable read..    Steve,

Meditation for Beginners with audio is a great start for anyone who is interested in meditation. Although it touches on the most common forms of meditation, the audio contains 2 guided meditations; Chakra Balancing and Receptive Meditation. Only $9.95
Purchase from Kindle    $7.99
Purchase  or borrow from Kindle  $9.99
NOTE: The contract with Rev. Lena Sheehan's publisher has ended and she has decided NOT to resign with them. As a result, the supply is limited but still available directly through Rev Sheehan $19.95 plus S&H.
Purchase or Borrow from Kindle  $3.99
Purchase or borrow from Kindle   $9.99
This is a 5 star review for "The Art of Natural Healing "  taken from
Easy to read and understand   
January 27, 2013
By Pam Guthrie
Amazon Verified Purchase
Author covers the basics without too much information. Helps you understand a little more about your body and how it functions. Heal yourself and keep Doctors visits down to a minimum.

The Art of Natural Healing is a detailed study guide to natural healing; touching on anatomy, physiology and bacteriology and spanning to herbs and vitamins. A must have for those who wish to have a strong understanding of natural healing methods.

Lena is also a 4 and 5 star paranormal/-fantasy/romance author. She writes under her birth name of Eileen Sheehan and pen  name E.F. Sheehan.  Her newest novels, "The Vampire, The Handler and Me","To Kill a Vampire" and "For Love of a Vampire" and "The Princess and the Vampire King" (authored by Eileen Sheehan)   Visit her author website for more information.
Click here to listen to Lena recite a poem she wrote in 1983 about reincarnation titled "Friends".
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