This georgeous a boy is Lena's newest special family member, Justin Biever.
He was 8 months young when this picture was taken in July 2012.
(He was named by her 6 yr old grandson upon his adoption from the
Broome County Humane Society in april 2012 :o)

PUBLIC NOTICE: All consultations and sessions must be reserved at the time of booking the appointment with a major credit card in order to keep that time open on Lena's schedule. Rescheduling or cancellation of the session with less than a 24 hour notice will result in a charge of $50. Canceling the appointment with less than a 24 hour notice (and no reschedule) will result in a charge of half the normal session fee on your card. In the event that you have purchased a package, you must reschedule your appointment no less than 24 hours prior to the booked appointment. You are allowed 2 reschedules for the booked appointment before it is considered used by you with no partial or full refund provided. Failure to reschedule prior to a 24 hour notice will result in immediate forfiet of the session and no partial or full refund will be provided.
All living creatures think and their thoughts can be 'tuned-into' by Lena. The difference being that animals do not think in human words. Even so, Lena has developed a strong understanding and interpretation method to assist loving owners in understanding their pet's needs. In most cases, the session can be done over the telephone with the animal in the room. On rare occasions, she will be required to see the animal in person.

Lena accepts Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit cards ONLY. If you would like to use American Express, you may pay for your session via PayPal.

Healing Sessions
Small Animals (under 25 pounds) $150 plus $35 travel fee
Medium Animals (25 pounds to 200 pounds) $175 plus travel fee
Large Animals (over 200 pounds) $200 plus travel fee

** Travel fee= First fifteen miles from Lena's location: $35
Each mile thereafter: $.85

Communication Sessions
Telephone:15 min/$85 30 min/$120 45 min/$195 60min/$225

15 min/$60 Plus travel fee of $35 $.85/mile over 10 miles from current residence
30 min/$100 Plus travel fee of $35 plus $.85/mile over 10 miles from current residence
45 min/$175 Plus travel fee of $35 plus $.85/mile over 10 miles from current residence
60 min/$200 Plus travel fee of $35 plus $.85/mile over 10 miles from current residence.
(Mileage is not added if you bring the pet to Rev. Sheehan's office [subject to approval])

NOTE TO ESTABLIHED CLIENTS: It is not uncommon for Lena to wait until the end of the session to run an establihsed client's payment through on their credit card. Should she exercise this option and the card be declined with no other payment option available to her at that time, there will be a $25 fee for each day thereafter until the payment is received. Should a client request Lena hold off on charging their credit card for more than three consecutive days, a $25 fee will be added to the total. [*Lena does not charge a $25 fee for delaying the charge less than three days if this delay has been agreed upon prior to the start of the session for qualified clients.]

In the event that  Lena must resort to legal measures to secure her payment, all legal fees pertaining to this matter will be the responsibility of the delinquent client.

A note about scheduling:

As there are no two humans alike, so are there no two holistic practitioners alike.  You may find I work differently than others in my scheduling.  Because I offer so many different services and these services require different energies from me, I break my days accordingly.  I do a certain number of readings, a certain number of hypnosis sessions and a certain number of energy or spirit healings over the course of the day.  Because of this, you may be able to see me earlier for a reading than you can a hypnosis session or a healing and visa versa.  This method of scheduling allows me to be at my best for all services offered.  Because I enjoy freedom to be spontaneous, I also do not like to book out far in advance.  I ask that you call for your private appointment within ten days of the time you desire it and I'll do my best to accomodate you within the 60 hours of the week that I offer my services.    Parties and dinner shows can be booked further out.
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Please consider your service order carefully.  Once the service is provided by Lena there are no refunds or payment plans.
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